Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who Else Wants To Make $1432.23 In The Next Ten Minutes?

Jimmy Bob was about to lose everything. He was six years late on the mortgage payments on his single-wide, his wife was leaving him for a guy selling used underwear out of a cardboard box on the interstate, and his beloved coon dog only knew one trick which kept ruining the toilet seat. However, after a few too many six-packs, he accidentally mistyped his favorite website (“Gurlsintrucks.”) and changed his life forever when he discovered the Profits Unbelievable System.

Ten minutes after finding the website you're looking at now, Jimmy Bob's life took an incredible turn:

• His wife professed her undying love for him
• His dog learned how to play piano
• His hair started growing back
• His truck cranked for the first time in weeks

And all because of The P.U. System!

The P.U. System is guaranteed to send $1432.23 screaming into your bank account within ten minutes of starting the program. You don't have to know computer programming, marketing or even how to use a computer to put the P.U. System to work for you...even if someone had to get to this page for you, $1432.23 will still be zooming into your pocket before you know it!

Don't take our word for it...just listen to these satisfied customers!

“My life was in the toilet before I found the P.U. System, but once I got started with the easy-to-follow instructions, I was amazed at just how fast the $1432.23 showed up in my bank!” - Geraldine Smithers, Akron, OH

“I was quite skeptical when I first read about the P.U. System. After thinking about it for a few seconds, though, I could see how useful an extra $1432.23 would be today. And sure worked!” - Alistair Carruthers, the Hamptons

“me maKe MANy moneys like to shout PU ever day!” - little Bobby Gilmore (age 5 ½), Toad Lick, AK

Don't be fooled by other systems that claim to put tens, hundreds or thousands of dollars in your hand. I mean, if they were telling the truth, they would have a more specific number, wouldn't they? “$1432.23”. That says “honesty”.

If you order before midnight tonight, we'll throw in a special bonus! That's right...for taking quick action on your financial future, we'll also send you the P.U. System as an audio book, a video and the special limited-edition “Mandarin Chinese” version to make sure you're completely covered on the road to riches!

Don't the “I want $1432.23!” button below and place your order and before you know it, you'll have made enough to pay the legal fees when the SEC comes after you!

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