Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gambling, A suckers Bet

With a roll of the dice, a spin of the wheel or a deal of the cards anyone can strike it rich, right? For anyone, especially anyone who failed high school math, gambling is the quickest way to Easy Street.

Wanna bet?

The truth is that most people looking for Easy Street end up buying a ticket on the idiot bus, getting off at the corner of Empty Wallet Avenue and Fool’s Gold Lane, and asking for directions from the filthy rich, cigar chomping casino owner in the suit spun from broken dreams and shattered lives.

Gambling is a sucker’s bet. The whole point is that the house always wins. That’s the gambling industry’s business model.

Do the math. In order for gambling establishments to stay in business, gamblers have to lose more money than they win. Everybody knows this. Even gamblers know this, yet they still gamble. It’s human nature. It’s addiction. Smokers know that cigarettes are dangerous for their health. It says so right on the side of the pack, yet they still smoke. The same is true for people who gamble. They know they are going to lose but, like cigarette smokers, they are addicted. Ever notice how many gamblers are also smokers? Ever wonder why?

Sure, everyone knows someone who went to Las Vegas, bet on thirteen black and walked away with a small fortune. That’s the kind of story that people who dream of jackpots and dollar signs love to hear. The kind of story nobody wants to hear, much less tell, is the story of some schmuck who, every weekend for twenty-five years, heads off to the casino, dumps a couple of hundred bucks into the slots, and comes home smelling of cigarettes, booze and failure.

Here’s the kicker, the guy who tells the thirteen black story is that same schmuck who lost his wife, his kids and his home in the suburbs to his gambling addiction. The house always wins. Always.

Bet on it.


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