Friday, April 1, 2011

Telemarketing Calls Are a Health Risk

It’s a familiar scenario: The phone rings and Caller ID displays ‘number withheld’ or ‘unknown’. You agonize whether to screen the call or ignore it completely. But maybe it is something important…like a hospital trying to reach you or maybe your workplace? Or it could be an urgent call from the bank? You rush over, desperate to grab the phone before the caller hangs up. Snatching at the handset you place it to your ear, answer with a curious, “Hello?”, and listen attentively for the response.

“Hi. This is Cindy from The Shaky Window Company. Can I take a minute of your time to ask you a few important questions?”

Telesales calls are one of the major causes of household phone damage. They can result in raised blood pressure and heightened irritation. Many victims have suffered an uncontrollable urge to curse and kick a family pet following one of these infectious calls. They should come with a warning before anyone is actually allowed to speak.

“Mental health warning: The following call may cause sudden psychosis, and result in acts of uncontrollable rage. If you are prone to losing your temper when receiving any unwanted, privacy invading call, please hang up now.”

The problem is you never know it’s a marketing call until you answer. It seems unjust that you should need to screen calls just to avoid infuriating phone harassment from these cold-calling pests. They do not even possess the bravery to come to your house, knock on the door, and face you in person. Plus they never offer up a full name.

Telemarketing is intrusive cowardice of the highest order and nobody on earth who possesses a phone ever wants these calls. So why are they allowed? Phone service providers should be held accountable. Let everyone stand up to the phone companies and declare: ‘We will only pay when you stop providing telemarketing irritants with phone lines’.

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